“The Wet Rub is a thing of greatness.”


Purveyor of  Niceness™ Jerkologist of the highest order and maker of South london’s finest small batch hot sauce and jerk rub.

Yo! Get your Jerk on and Nice it up!


Jerkalicious – £6.99

An authentic wet rub inspired by the famous Scotchie’s of Portland Bay JA, and the queen of Jerk, Helen Willinsky. Rammed with scallions ( as they say Back ‘a Yard ), fiery and fruity Scotch Bonnets, freshly roasted and ground pimento and other, not so secret ingredients. Jamaican Dark Rum takes this Bad Boy to another level! Rub sparingly on to chicken, pork, lamb, fish and veg and leave to marinate before slowly smoking on the BBQ.

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Pepperlicious – £5.99

The latest batch of Pepperlicious has chilled out a little and is now easier on the Scotch Bonnet fire! Low booming bass notes of smoky red pepper, Scotch Bonnets, garlic and pimento are complimented by top high hat stabs of ginger, lime ‘n thyme. Use as a dip, marinade, baste or glaze. Hey, go crazy and mix it up with mayo. Whatever you do, it’ll blow your mo’ fo’ socks off.

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Bad Boy Catering

With his First Class Honours Degree in Jerkology in hand, Whitey can be found all year round firing up his drum and serving up Niceness at pubs, festivals and private parties. Whitey’s chicken legs and wings come from what were once happy free range Banham chickens. His legendary Jerk Dogs are made by Durgard & Daughters in Herne Hill from free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

Get yourself some of Whitey’s free range, triple jerked, smoky Niceness at your next party or event. If you want to talk menus and figures, give Whitey a buzz on 07810 550615 or drop him a line. The boy can’t wait to fire up that drum and cook up some Jerk that’ll blow your mo’ fo’ socks off.

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Yo! We bring the party to you!
Jerk BBQ, Soundsystem, DJ’s and Niceness

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A little bit about Whitey’s…


Ever since his first taste of true Jerk from a roadside drum in Negril c1992, the boy Whitey has been perfecting his skills in Jerkology and mastering the ways of Jerk Rubs and Hot Sauces. His quest has taken him from that roadside in Negril to deepest South London (Herne Hill to be exact) via Portland Bay, New Cross, Treasure Beach, Notting Hill and Thornton Heath – the true bastions of Scotch Bonnet and Pimento.


What is this thing called Niceness™ ?

At the heart of Whitey’s is the Scotch Bonnet. The Scotch Bonnet is rammed with Capsaicin. Capsaicin releases endorphins. Endorphins make you feel nice. When you feel nice, you do nice things. We call this Niceness, its how we do things at Whitey Towers. Here’s some examples: Jerk but don’t be a jerk, use natural ingredients, cook free range meat, put hot sauce on everything, spread the love, feel the sun on your skin, have winter BBQ’s, tell the truth, tell your mum you love her, hug, pay compliments, pay your dues, swim in the sea whenever you can, drink tea, dance, go to bed before it gets light (occasional exceptions to the rule allowed!), get up before it gets dark, say please and thankyou, brush your teeth twice a day, ride a push bike and listen to 90’s hip hop – loud and often.



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